Vierteljahresschrift für das Gesamtgebiet der katholischen Theologie
Begründet von Kardinal Leo Scheffczyk • ISSN 0178-1626


Norbert und Renate Martin:
“To Tolerate the Impossible”:
Critical Questions to Walter Cardinal Kasper’s Book “The Gospel of the Family”
(FKTh 2014-3, p. 186–201)

Cardinal Kasper's proposition for a new practice of sacramental life for divorced who remarried by civil law produced all over the world - beyond insecuritiy on the side of the faithful - a controversial theological discussion, partly vehement, which fills the time between the Synods of 2014 and 2015. The present article analyses critically the different aspects of his proposal (conversion and mercy; basically sacramental structure of the Church, especially concerning confession, eucharistie and marriage; “sensus fidelium”; graduality). “What properly speaking is impossible” seems incompatible with doctrine and practice of the Church (Councils, declarations of the Popes and the Congregation of Faith).

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