Vierteljahresschrift für das Gesamtgebiet der katholischen Theologie
Begründet von Kardinal Leo Scheffczyk • ISSN 0178-1626


Kurt Cardinal Koch:
Symphony of Truth and Love in Freedom
On the Enduring Actuality of the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI
(FKTh 2023-2, p. 81–102)

The essay characterises the essential perspectives of the theological thinking of Joseph Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI. Ratzinger’s theology is first of all an interpretation of the Word of God, which finds its centre in Jesus Christ. Another focal point is the liturgy, which is to emphasise the primacy of God in the Church. The divine revelation in Jesus Christ shows itself as logos and love. Faith and revelation are in the living space of a Marian Church, which also brings its mission into Christian ecumenism, interreligious dialogue and concern for religious freedom.

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